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December 18, 2014




MP Rob Clarke should apologize to First Nations

The following media release is based on letters to the editor of four newspapers which I submitted on December 12 and 13.

Several newspapers have reported that Member of Parliament Rob Clarke (DesnethéMissinippiChurchill River) has asked me to apologize to him for stating that he was displaying behavior that could be interpreted as boastful and 'White man' behavior.  These brief comments, included in my extensive third reading speech in the Senate, may have unintentionally offended some men, who unlike Mr. Clarke, self-identify as 'White'; for that I apologize.  I did not mean to imply that all white men are boastful.

Mr. Clarke's request for an apology from me is a political manoeuvre to deflect attention from the numerous and serious defects in his bill.   As the Senate critic of his bill, I outlined these in detail in my third reading speech, but I also proposed amendments to fix them.

Most egregiously, he failed to include consultation with First Nations and affirmation of Aboriginal and treaty rights in his bill, Bill C-428: An Act to amend the Indian Act (publication of bylaws) and to provide for its replacement.  My amendments would have ensured that First Nations would be consulted and that their constitutional rights would be protected in legislation arising from his bill to replace the Indian Act.

It is MP Rob Clarke who ought to apologize - to First Nations people for not including the accommodation or protection of their rights in his bill or in the future application of his bill.







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