National Treaty Alliance  

July 17-2103

The new NTA (National Treaty Alliance) is a good idea; it's exciting and positive.

From my perspective, seeing what has happened in Ottawa, no matter whether the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) as is, a restructured AFN, or a new National Treaty Alliance becomes the main political body advocating for First Nations (FNs), the Harper Government will continue to stonewall FNs.

A new or restructured FN political body is a good plan, but things need to change in Ottawa too. We need a new FN-federal government relationship equivalent to the relationship that occurred with the Kelowna Accord in 2005.

Additionally, we need to restructure the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC) or INAC so that the Minister and the departmental bureaucrats no longer have complete control over funding decisions to individual FN bands and FN political organizations such as AFN, AMC and FSIN.