Debates of the Senate  
2nd Session, 41st Parliament, Volume 149, Issue 37
  Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Bill C-428: An Act to amend the Indian Act (publication of by-laws) and to provide for its replacement
Honourable senators, I rise today to speak to Bill C-428, An Act to amend the Indian Act (publication of bylaws) and to provide for its replacement. This is a private member's bill.

Honourable senators, I have read through this bill, and I've tried to take a common sense approach from a First Nation perspective. Even the title made me stop and think. At first glance, it seems innocuous enough: "An Act to amend the Indian Act... and to provide for its replacement." While the phrase "to provide for its replacement," meaning replacement of the Indian Act, may seem innocuous, it can have very far-reaching implications. As is often stated, the devil is in the details, so it's important to examine the wording the details carefully.

Bill C-428 also proposes to delete many so-called "outdated" sections and subsections of the Indian Act. We are still waiting for materials promised from the private member to be delivered to my office, so I haven't had a chance yet to examine his rationale or reasoning with respect to the bill. I am delving deeper in my research and study of the bill, and I move the adjournment for the balance of my time.