Debates of the Senate  
2nd Session, 41st Parliament, Volume 149, Issue 38
  Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Question: Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls
Hon. Lillian Eva Dyck: Senator Carignan, this newest situation is really tragic. This is probably the first time that it has received attention across Canada in the national news. It was carried on CBC, CTV and in our national papers. I have to say, it just really struck me, how many times does this have to happen? If it has reached the national news, then why hasn't the government come forth and said, "We support a national inquiry"? How many times does this have to hit the national news?

You listen when other women have gone missing, or other children, or when children have been bullied, yet when Aboriginal women disappear or are murdered, nothing concrete happens. No one stands up in the government, takes a position and says, "This has to stop." Who will do that on your side?

Some Hon. Senators: Hear, hear.


Senator Carignan: We have passed 30 measures pertaining to justice and public safety. I believe you voted against most of them. We have taken action by creating a national website for missing persons, for example. We developed community safety plans in partnership with Aboriginal communities. In addition, we supported the development of public awareness materials.

We will continue to work with the special committee of the House of Commons, which has resumed its study of this very important issue.

I think that your accusations that the government is not doing anything are unfounded and partisan.