Debates of the Senate  
2nd Session, 41st Parliament, Volume 149, Issue 19
  Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Question on Speech from the Throne

    Hon. Lillian Eva Dyck: Would the honourable senator take a question?

    Senator Mercer: Certainly.

    Senator Dyck: This definitely is a centuries' old cold case looking for Franklin. When I saw that, I was astounded. I thought here we have the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, cold cases of Aboriginal women that go back only three decades, not two or three centuries. Don't you find it shocking that we would spend money to find Franklin but not to find the missing and murdered Aboriginal women?

    Senator Mercer: Senator Dyck, I do find it shocking. I find a lot of things shocking about this government. The complete abandonment of the idea of dedicating time, money and energy into the cases of missing Aboriginal women and girls is a crisis for Canadians, and Canadians are starting to pay attention. They are starting to realize that some of our most vulnerable people have been abandoned by this government.

    It's important to understand that they're thinking about going off to the Arctic and they haven't outlined how much money this will cost. But they're going to go out and going to find Franklin and they can't find what is causing the missing Aboriginal women and girls. This is disgraceful, and it's a shame that the country has to bear this because of this government's inactions.

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