Debates of the Senate  
2nd Session, 40th Parliament,Volume 146, Issue 19.
  Thursday, March 12, 2009
Question Period

Public Safety- Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Hon. Lillian Eva Dyck: Honourable senators, if my reading of the elements of pay equity compensation attached to the budget is correct, it appears as though the RCMP will be covered by that measure. Is my understanding correct?

Senator LeBreton: Honourable senators, the RCMP are part of the overall Canadian public service. In order not to mislead Senator Dyck, I believe that is the case, but I will seek clarification.

Senator Dyck: I did the reading and it is included. I believe it makes it more difficult for women to achieve equity because they will no longer be allowed to go outside of the proposed new board and will not be able to take the matter to human rights; is that correct?

Senator LeBreton: Honourable senators, if a woman is recruited into the RCMP at whatever level or attains a certain level, I do believe the level of pay they receive is equitable to their male counterparts.

Within the RCMP and their recruitment program, I expect that is not an issue. Police officers are paid on a certain standard, just as honourable senators are paid. We are paid at a certain rate under the Parliament of Canada Act. For men and women, the salary is the same.

I do not believe that we would ever face a situation in which a person recruited into the RCMP would not be paid exactly the same as anyone else.

Senator Dyck: I agree with the honourable senator, but it might be an issue of retention and promotion within the ranks.

Senator LeBreton: I believe that Senator Munson's question was on the issue of promotion into the senior ranks of the RCMP. When I receive a response from the minister responsible, it will become obvious whether there is a problem with people rising in the ranks. Let us wait to hear what the minister has to say.