Debates of the Senate  
2nd Session, 40th Parliament,Volume 146, Issue 78.
  Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Mr. Howard Anderson and Grand Chief Guy Lonechild
Hon. Lillian Eva Dyck: Honourable senators, I wish to introduce two First Nations men who have dedicated their lives to strengthening First Nations communities in Saskatchewan.

First, Mr. Howard Anderson was just 16 years old when he signed up to fight for Canada in the Second World War. A status Indian from the Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan, Mr. Anderson exemplified strength, courage and honour on the battlefield.

Upon returning to Canada, Mr. Anderson was outraged by the blatantly unjust treatment given to Indian veterans in the distribution of post-war benefits. Mr. Anderson has led the fight for just compensation to First Nations veterans over the past 50 years. Through his previous position as Grand Chief of the Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association, Mr. Anderson brought the issue of equitable compensation to Aboriginal veterans to the forefront of the federal government in 2000. His passion and dedication to correcting the wrongs of the past moved the Government of Canada to establish the Veterans Compensation Package of 2002. Mr. Anderson continues to lead the fight for equal compensation for First Nations veterans and to instill in all Canadians the contributions that First Nations veterans and soldiers have made and continue to make to Canada. We thank you, Mr. Anderson.

Second, Mr. Guy Lonechild is the current Grand Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. Prior to his election as Grand Chief this past year, Mr. Lonechild served as Vice-Chief of the FSIN for nine years. During his time, he made great strides in addressing economic development in First Nations communities. In addition, he actively advocated for greater female participation in First Nations organizations and governance. As Grand Chief, Mr. Lonechild has already focused on addressing issues concerning women, children and youth. Mr. Lonechild's leadership has given First Nations people in Saskatchewan renewed hope and optimism.

Honourable senators, I thank both Mr. Anderson and Grand Chief Lonechild for their dedication and contribution to First Nations people, not only in Saskatchewan but throughout Canada. It is through the work of such great First Nations leaders that our road to a free, diverse and just Canada can be achieved.